Mar 10

The GFCF Chef Tom Dickinson Cookbook. Win a Copy here !!{Rafflecopter}

The GFCF Chef Tom Dickinson

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GFCF Fusion

Private Chef, Cookbook Author, Radio Show Host · Jan 2009 to present · Fairfield, California

A private chef company dedicated to preperation of food for those who suffer from gluten and dairy intolerances with a strong emphasis on the Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) diet for children and adults who are on the Autism Spectrum.

About Gfcf Chef Tom 

“I want to change lives through food.” -Chef Jeff Henderson-

I have three loves in my life. God, my wife, and food. While I’m a Chrstian and a husband, I am also have the privelige of having two different jobs in the world of culinary arts. My first job is cooking at a retirement community for retired military officers. It’s such a great honor to cook for people who have dedicated their whole lives to serving our country. The second is Private Chef under my own company GFCF Fusion, which combines the borderless, eclectic flavors of California cuisine with the criteria of the GFCF Diet to create my own unique, but tasty cuisine. I also just finished penning my very first cookbook “Where There’s A Meal, There’s A Way.” and I am very thankful to God that he gave me the passion to do this. Because through the power of God, I discovered the power of food, and it’s been a great ride ever since. Peace.


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3 comments on “The GFCF Chef Tom Dickinson Cookbook. Win a Copy here !!{Rafflecopter}

  1. Going to wear my blue Walk-a-thon shirt on April 2!

  2. Lucas Krale on said:

    I would like to try some of these. I have to sons in the spectrum that wont eat anything good for them.So its worth a try.

  3. Debbie Bryer on said:

    i am interested in learning more about gluten free cooking and baking. i have eliminated many products from his diet, but he is a big bread/pasta/baking kind of guy, and if i can learn to cook things he enjoys eating that would be even healthier for him, i am all for it. thanks for introducing us to your wonderful recipes and sharing your knowledge and understanding with us! xo

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