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Give-a-way of Nadine Mercey’s book “Deeper Souls Less Shoes”{Rafflecopter}CAN/US

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Nadine grew up in Brantford,Ontario, and confesses to having never done well at formal education. “My mind just didn’t work like other people’s.” Looking back, she recognizes signs of mild autism in her behavior.

For twenty years, Nadine worked in real estate, rising to become one of Canada’s top realtors. Her success came from an uncanny ability to intuitively understand the needs and motivations of buyers and sellers. Her awakening of her intuitive capabilities has been aligning over many years. Soon she was experiencing great vibrational development in naturally helping hundreds of people feel better. Nadine is now an educator in the scientific energy departments. Her energy alignment therapy gives people faith and love within themselves without malice in what they do.

Nadine conducts readings, often at great distances, during which she communicates with the client’s energy. With ease Nadine is naturally able to provide instruction about what is required to raise the person’s vibration, in order to restore balance to soul, mind and body.

Author, International Healer, speaker and teacher of meta-physical healing in main stream medical facilities and communities. Working in multi medias to bring to build awareness that we’re moving beyond a mechanistic disease-driven model of health to one in which we recognize how important prevention, nutrition, psychology, beliefs, personal practices, and optimal living are to having vibrant health. With these shifts, we’re now addressing a person’s health holistically and understanding how it’s interconnected with the overall health of society. Working with CTV Discovery Channel, WNetwork, and several film documentaries.

Contact Nadine
For healing & energy session  enquiries and bookings
email: nadine@nadinemercey.com
leave 2 or 3 alternative requested times sessions are typically one hour long
Phone: 1.905.304.4342


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3 comments on “Give-a-way of Nadine Mercey’s book “Deeper Souls Less Shoes”{Rafflecopter}CAN/US

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  2. Jen on said:

    I’m very interested to learn more about this healing technique!

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