Feb 25

ANCA Comes To Ontario Presenting The CNAF With 2 Awards For Sponsoring The International Naturally Autistic Awards


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Scott James INAP Awards International Ambassador for England, will be received by the Mayor of Camberley, in Surrey, England and British Actor Ian Cullen presents the 2012 International Naturally   Autistic People Award for “Excellence in Technology” to Adele and Quinten Divine founders SEN ASSIST, developers of software technology to help children with special needs in the classroom. This award is sponsored by Canadian National Autism Foundation – Founder Tina Fougere Scott will representing Canada as the official Ambassador to England and will be speaking on behalf of the Canadian organization CNAF and ANCA Naturally Autistic ANCA and founder Leonora Gregory-Collura Artistic Director/Choreographer/Producer

This first part of the ceremony took place in October 2012

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19th-21st, 2012 awards ANCA


This is the 2nd part after the ceremony that took place January 2013- first lunch meeting  with the CNAF  and ANCA friends and then they went to MPP Monique Taylors office to present the award

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Leo, Charlie & son Anthony, Tina & son Nathan                 Nathan(left), Paul, Charlie, Anthony and Leo


At Monique Taylors(Hamilton-Ontario) office where Tina from the foundation was presented 2  awards for sponsoring the International Narurally Autistic People Awards in British Columbia-Leo and Charlie

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Nathan Fougere and Leo Gregory                                         Leo, Charlie and son Anthony, Monique, Nathan                                                                                                            and Paul Reilly


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Charlie, Leo and Monique Taylor MPP                           Charlie,Tina Fougere CNAF President Leo and MPP                                                                                                       Monique Taylor the 3 presenting Tina with the award


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