Sep 14


“Two electrical engineering students wait for their first class. One of the students says, ‘Hey, I bet this program will be….electrifying.’ Clearly not impressed with the double-entendre, the second student remarks, ‘I take that as…..PUNishment.'”

Hello everyone,

As a recent update has stated, I am a blogger who happily wishes to share my life experiences as an individual on the Autism Spectrum, specifically diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (pre-DSM V). I will discuss my life’s journey so far from my time in elementary school to my time in college, as I have learned and grown much to get to the point I am now; through learning to cook, clean, time manage, accepting more responsibilities, and learning to learn, I am working towards a life of independence.

I will also be giving synopses of past events that the Canadian National Autism Foundation (cnaf.net) has hosted, and I will be giving my opinions and reviews of the fun events that I have and will go to, such as the upcoming dance that is coming up on November 27th.

I will also share my opinions on the issues of today involving Autism around the world, as we all know that it is a global topic. The frequency of my posts will depend on my current workload with school.

If anyone has any questions about me, my Autism, my experiences, my thoughts, or even my interests, then don’t hesitate to ask!

Have fun everyone!


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