Oct 01

The beginning

Hello everyone,

I would like to start by telling a little bit of myself and how I have developed from a young age with Asperger’s syndrome.

Upon reaching the age where speech was supposed to happen from a child, around 1 year old, I could not speak a word. My parents caught on to this thinking it being strange, and rightfully so! After some research about my symptoms and a few doctors visits and I was diagnosed at the age of 2 years old. I still could not speak until I was close to 5 years old. What caused me to speak? I’m not sure, and neither are my parents.

A little bit of a summary of pre-school, as my memory is very hazy:

I had quite a bit of fun overall. In between classes we would have these makeshift mesh beds that the class would rest on. I was quiet, and did not approach the other students that much. I do not remember whether or not I had an Educational Assistant (EA). I do not remember the specific school i went to for pre-schooling, but this was when I lived in Caledonia

Grade 1-3:

I remember very little about this time-frame, other than during recess where I would walk around by myself. I did have an EA, but she was not by my side all the time. I was told that the reason I went to this school in particular was not because I was Catholic (I wasn’t, I was Anglican), but it was because I would be guaranteed access to an EA, whereas the second choice did not guarantee one. It’s funny how the education system worked back then.

Grade 4:

By this time, some bad melt-downs would occur. During some classes, I would cry uncontrollably, kick and scream at teachers and students alike. I remember one teacher who pulled me aside after class and would yell and raise his voice at me to stop my crying. I really wanted to stop, but it felt like I had to release all my fluids out of my system through crying and yelling. Eventually this sorted itself out, as my EA was a satisfactory help.

Well, I suppose it’s time for me to wrap this up for now. Tune in for further updates to this blog. As always, feel free to leave a comment/question.



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