Oct 17

The Beginning: Part 2

Hello again,

I am here to continue on my life saga with Grades 5 to 8.

Grade 5:

Again, I do not remember many details about grade 5. I remember making friends with another person on the autism spectrum who I have considered to be my best friend, although this friend of mine would ask “Why are we best friends?”. I guess at the time we weren’t best friends. We were still pretty good buddies though since we both, at the time, liked to play classic video games such as Super Mario 64 and 007 Goldeneye. At the time I did not know that this person was on the spectrum either, since he functioned well at most other things asides from socializing.

Grade 6:

This was a painful year for me although by telling this story to others it helps me move on from it.

I’ll start with some of the positives of this grade.

I remember one class where my teacher made an entire Japanese-style buffet for our class. She made dumplings, spring rolls, assorted types of sushi, and some desserts (yum). This built me into a Japanese-food loving individual. I was also still friends with my “best friend” at the time.

Now I’ll talk about the negatives.

I was bullied primarily by two other classmates. The thing I believe about some elementary schools back then is that they did not know how to deal with bullying, as my school put up frog posters with different fingers pointing to different ways to deter bullies. At the time I wanted to solve this bullying issue on my own. That was horrible mistake number one. I stuck with the “ignore your bullies” strategy, which is in my opinion now an ineffective strategy. I tried other poor strategies to stop them from bullying me, including sitting beside them constantly and talking with them, in the hopes I could convert them from being my enemies to being my friends. That was horrible mistake number two. At this time, everyone else that I considered as an acquaintance started to either bully me as well or leave me alone. This continued for the whole grade. I switched schools after this had happened.

You should never ignore your bullies. If you feel bullied by someone, ask your teacher, EA, or even the principal for help.

Grade 7:

I switched schools to a public school where I would be provided an EA who I keep in touch with to this day. Although I spoke to my EA and parents, I did my very best to not speak to any other student. Grade 6 petrified me to the point where I did not start any kind of conversation with any other student. One day a fellow student asked me “Do you have an extra pencil?”. This happened 6 months into the grade. Since this was the first person to actively come up to me and ask a question, I was surprised. I gave her that pencil, and that was it. The rest of the grade was very quiet and grey.

Grade 8:

Through a bit of self thought, I managed to better prepare myself around other people. I started talking a bit and making acquaintances, although I was extremely anxious about social bubbles that would have formed that could possibly make me not welcome. I remember a time where we turned the school into a shopping mall. Since I didn’t understand censorship, I vouched to show people episodes of Family Guy why people shopped. This was an….interesting….time for me, didn’t feel good or bad.

That should be a pretty good summary of what happened with me. If any of you have any questions, general or specific, let me know by commenting below! Next time I will cover my time in highschool.

As a reminder, the frequency of these posts will depend on how much work I need to do for my educational institute. Thank you for reading.


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