Apr 26

My time at the 14th Annual Dinner/Dance/Silent Auction

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I made a new blog post. I’ve been so busy with my current program at school that I did not have enough time to make any new posts. Now that summer break is here, I can get back in the swing of things.

Anyways, I wanted to share my experiences that I have had at the 14th Annual Dinner/Dance/Silent Auction that took place at Marquis Gardens on Rymal road in Hamilton on November 25, 2015.

I was there with my girlfriend whom I had been with for one month at the time. We have met each other at my school, Mohawk College. She was volunteering at a positive space group which I would frequently visit. One day, we decided to have a conversation talking about dating and relationships in general, and talking about the use of online dating sites and reasons of why we choose to use certain dating methods. She is someone who works very hard at what she does and likes doing it, and this is a quality that I personally find attractive with her. Eventually, she had asked me out on a date. We have been together for 6 months now and we are still happy with each other. Although I was anxious of asking her first, I observed her cues of attraction. For example, we walked down the hall together, and before we would part ways, she would say something to me that I could not hear. So then when I ask what she said, she would nervously say “Oh…ummm…..nothing.” I had a gut feeling that she liked me.

Before our arrival to the dinner/dance, I was quite anxious of who I was going to meet and whether or not I would make a decent impression. I would get into my usual self-thoughts about what exact words to say in what sentences, how to comment on silent auction items without being awkward, and thinking of topics to talk about with people I did and did not know without being convoluted.

But then I realized that the night was going to be perfect, as all of the people there accept everyone for their differences of who they are. It was a night that we were shown true support for those of us on the Spectrum and in turn we felt so comfortable and at ease from the support from all the people that were there. Plus, I had my parents, girlfriend, and the awesome people of the CNAF to support me and reduce my anxiety.

I had an excellent time at the event. I enjoyed looking at the various auction items and bird-houses that Nathan Fougere painted and sold. A percentage of the funds made by the selling of the bird houses went back to the foundation. I enjoyed the meal of so many different foods that were prepared. I enjoyed meeting other people with ASD. I especially enjoyed the dancing with my girlfriend. My parents and their friends had a good time too. All in all, the event alleviated a lot of the stresses involved in hard schooling.


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