Jun 13

Strutting myself at the Fashion Show

Hello everyone!

I would like to talk about the experience that I have had at the “Strutt Yourself” Fashion Show on May 15, 2016.

Prior to leaving my house to go to this event, I felt that this event would be a good opportunity to meet others on the spectrum again and get to know them a little more. I was also interested in the items that were on for auction, as a silent auction was also being held. When I picked up my girlfriend, she was as beautiful as ever. She was excited to come to the fashion show as well, as she wanted to see all the models and wanted to listen to the research findings of the Rutherford lab as she studies to be a social worker.

Upon entering the venue, which was Marquis Gardens on Rymal Road, I was delighted to see the many parents and educators that enjoyed themselves. I also saw Tina, Nathan, Paul, and several of the board members. For those who haven’t been able to attend this event, there was a guest speech by Damin who gave his perspective about raising children on the autism spectrum, followed by a presentation on findings by the Rutherford lab on how infants at risk for autism use motion information in general perception, the perception of faces and their expressions. Then the fashion show began with many interesting clothing combinations that were donated by various designers including a girl who wore a princess gown with a crown! Then there was a performance by the musical group Less Than Three. After the performance, there was another speech done by a person diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome by the name of Kyle who gave his experience on growing up with Asperger’s and talked about what his accomplishments were. The venue ended after the silent auction was finished.

I have managed to handle this event better than the previous dance event I have went to mostly because I have had that previous exposure. The more I expose myself to new situations, even if I have very little desire to expose myself, the easier it is to be more comfortable in the situation and to find more enjoyment. What I have learned through this experience is that life is not like an RPG video game where if your character fails then the character loses experience points. In real life, you gain “experience points” whether you fail or succeed! Me, my girlfriend, and family all had a great time at the fashion show and the lessons and experiences that we have taken from it are all worthwhile.










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