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A Piece of Advice for Entering Post-Secondary Education

Hello everyone!

I’d like to talk about education, for you parents out there.

Entering into post-secondary education, whether it be College or University, is a major step in anyone’s life.

There are many factors that one must take into consideration so that the College or University life will be an enjoyable one.

Thinking about entering post-secondary can be a stressful experience in anybody’s life, especially for those on the Autism Spectrum, who are entering directly from high school, or even transitioning from one college/University to another, and may have self-doubts on what they wish to do, and the social aspect of these environments.

I myself have been to both University and College. Going through these experiences, I have learned many things to do before I consider entering into a program.

I’d like to share with you a piece of advice I would give:

Think about what they enjoy and are passionate about, then pursue it.

It’s extremely important to pursue one’s passions, so why not go for it? Communicate with your loved one about what their interests are. After all, studies show that those with Autism have both a higher number of interests, but also more specific interests compared to neurotypical individuals (1).

For example, your love one has a very specific and focused interest in video games. Sit together, do research, and look for resources on how one gets into the industry. If there is a program out there relating to video game development, then consider setting up an appointment to meet with a representative of the institution to discuss the program further! that way, you can found out about the institution’s educational supports for those with Autism. Then, if your child is satisfied, then allow them to pursue it!

If your child is interested in something that does not require a degree or diploma, at least not immediately, then consider that opportunity as well. University is not for everyone. Neither is College.

It is far better to pursue what you are passionate about, rather than having regrets of not doing so.

Although this alone may not completely erase this kind of stress, I am confident that it will reduce it somewhat, knowing the research done.

Do not stress too much about this, however. This is a great way to further connect with your loved one and to reinforce your understanding of their thoughts and feelings.

So have that positive talk with your child, and explore possibilities together.

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(1) https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Catherine_Caldwell-Harris/publication/231740470_Understanding_Differences_in_Neurotypical_and_Autism_Spectrum_Special_Interests_Through_Internet_Forums/links/00b7d51acd6c8c2124000000.pdf

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