Feb 15

A Piece of Advice for the First Day of Post-Secondary Education

Hey everyone,

I’d like to talk about education again! This time, about what one should do leading up to the first day of school.

Congratulations! You have picked the program that best aligns with your interests, at an institution with supports that best suit your needs.

You might be wondering, “Hey Aelius, what’s next?”

Well, how about we dig a little bit deeper into the social aspect of College or University?

There will be many people that attend these schools. All of which from very diverse backgrounds, different walks of life, and have varying interests. Knowing this, Colleges and Universities offer many fun activities to take part in. These include student-run clubs (for example, an anime club or a sewing club), concerts, pub nights (if the institution has a bar), volunteering opportunities, and Orientation!

I myself attended an Autism group where varying students on the Spectrum come in, communicate about themselves, their experiences, and then participate in socially-augmenting exercises.

I will go into these items in more detail in future posts, but what I would like to focus on today is Orientation.

My piece of advice for you:

Attend Orientation

Orientation, in my opinion, was an awesome time and was necessary for me to gain comfort into attending post-secondary and the many surroundings that it entailed.

Most Colleges and Universities offer this in the form of a day, or a week, of events that are tailored to your program and to students in general. As well as giving away FREE things!

For students in general, the orientation serves to:

  • Introduce the college.
  • Introduce the teachers of your program.
  • Show where the classrooms are.
  • Give information on educational services and the use of your student account.
  • Give free food and collectibles!

Of course, being on the Autism Spectrum, you may need services and/or technologies to help you communicate with others, assist in learning, and/or reduce stress. Therefore, it’s very important that the College or University knows your needs well ahead of the Orientation day, so that the proper accommodations can be made for you on your arrival. For students with special needs, you may also be assigned to a Case Worker. The Case Worker helps you with obtaining services and technologies that you will need to be successful.

Keep in mind that post-secondary education is all about learning, but in ways you may not expect. For instance, a very large component of it is the social aspect, as there will be many people from many different backgrounds attending, at all stages of life. Treat the social aspect of it as another learning opportunity. Orientation is a great opportunity to learn the dynamics of your institution, as well as scoring free food!






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