Aug 16

A Piece of Advice: Career-Building in Post-Secondary

Hello everyone!

In my previous posts, I have talked about some strategies one can employ when going about their daily life in college or university and a bit about what to expect.

What I would like to talk about today is the birthing of one’s career; what is it that you want to do? How do you get there? Do you want to work for someone or be your own boss? Or even, if you’re asking yourself, what can I use to assist me?

These can be challenging questions to answer, but thankfully these educational establishments have your back!

Colleges and universities have career services in place to help you along in your professional career; from resume critiquing, to interview practice, and job research. These are all important to help build confidence in an interview setting, which is usually the first impression for both interviewer and interviewee.

With these services in mind, career counselors are available to consult you directly to provide the service and guidance that is best for you depending on your circumstances. Of course, with communicating with these counselors, it is best to ask as many questions as you can and put the suggestions they use to practice. If they don’t work, let them know!

For the readers here that are in college or university, my piece of advice as being someone on the spectrum is to use as many of these services as possible, as frequently as possible. Of course, it is best to balance with your coursework as well so as to not fall behind on studies, however, I personally know those who didn’t have the highest grades but were incredibly successful in their careers.

I will expand further into resume building, interviewing, and job research aspects in their own separate posts, as they are, in my opinion as someone who is diagnosed with a form of autism, the most important skills to help secure opportunities in the long run. For me personally, exercising all three of these skills were a great help to secure my co-op employment.

As always folks, thank you for reading!

– Aelius


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