Apr 12

CNAF Autism: “The Eating Game” Giveaway

In  honour  Autism Awareness month, CNAF Autism Blog is giving away “The Eating Game” by Jean Nicol at EYECAN CREATIONS Publications.

Why was The Eating GameTM created?

Created to support people with a broad range of eating challenges, The Eating GameTM is a resource filled with planning tools, food pictures and suggestions for use that support and encourage people in making optimal, healthy food choices.

The Eating GameTM is also being used around the globe, not just by individuals and families but by Occupational Therapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Speech Therapists, Nutritionists, Early Interventionists, schools, preschools/daycares, Public Health, and Group Homes.

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The Eating GameTM provides a very visual, structured, hands on tool that can be a fun way to plan healthy meals every day! It does not require the user to be verbal or to be able to read and write. It does require the skills of matching colors and making choices.

The Eating GameTM can easily become part of one’s daily routine to support behavioral change, encouraging healthy food choices!

Who would not want to be “in control” of their food choices?

Is “control” perhaps one of the issues responsible for the presenting challenge? This meal planner will put you in control of being healthier and support your efforts to gain, maintain or lose weight. The guidelines are based on Canada’s Food Guide (CFG) for your age group, ensuring you consume the CFG’s recommended daily servings from each of four categories: 1) Fruit and Vegetables, 2) Milk and Alternatives 3) Meat and Alternatives and 4) Grains. And the reusable format means you can use it again and again. With the enclosed copy of Canada’s Food Guide and the dry erasable pen, you can get started right away!

Each Kit has over 200 food pictures, that are laminated and have Velcro buttons so they will adhere to the planning sheets.

If you facing the problem of supporting someone with eating challenges, then may I suggest the “Eating Game.”

Thank you to our sponsor, Jean Nicol, who has generously donated this prize. ($79.95 value)

If you wish to order yours today please visit Eyecan Creations Publications

Order “The Make It Yourself Eating Game Kit” before May 14th, 2011 that mentions they heard about the special offer and commented on your blog entry will receive a 10% discount and I will donate 10% to CNAF

TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY: (all comments are to made in the comment section below)

Mandatory entry: Go to Eyecan Creations Publications site and come back and tell me something you learned. (1 comment )

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The contest will end April 30, 2011.

Giveaway Open to Canada only.

The prize has been donated by EYECAN CREATIONS Publications, and will be shipped from the CNAF main office.

I was not compensated for this post.

Photos and information supplied by EYECAN CREATIONS Publications.








55 comments on “CNAF Autism: “The Eating Game” Giveaway

  1. Tina Fougere on said:

    I tweeted

  2. Tricia Hall on said:

    I visited the site an love the concept of Bucky. I want the book now and the game. 🙂 My son is Autistic and it’s already been a struggle @ age 7 to teach him it’s ok to be different. The book would really help him.

  3. Shairbearg on said:

    I learned: EYECAN CREATIONS Publications, based in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, is dedicated to creating visual support materials to assist with communication, development of social skills and expectations for daily routines.

  4. Shairbearg on said:

    like Jean Nichol on twitter @knitwitshair

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    like cnaf on twitter @knitwitshair

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    like you on FB – Shari G

  7. Shairbearg on said:

    tweeted: http://twitter.com/knitwitshair/statuses/58143252569796608

    Hey, just a suggestion, you should get the “share” button for facebook, as I know I have a lot of friends with autistic kids, I am going to post onmy status now.

  8. jessica on said:

    learned that EYECAN CREATIONS Publications is dedicated to creating visual support materials to assist with communication, development of social skills
    jessicatang90 at hotmail dot com

  9. jessica on said:

    followed Jean Nicol on twitter
    jessicatang90 at hotmail dot com

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    your FB fan
    jessica tang
    jessicatang90 at gmail dot com

  13. jayda on said:

    Jean is an avid volunteer, having served on the Board of Directors for “Let Abilities Work Partnership Society” and “Pictou County Early Intervention”.

  14. jayda on said:

    Jean Nicol -twitter follower @jayda_kidsmart

  15. jayda on said:

    follow CNAF Autism on twitter @jayda_kidsmart

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  18. Marlene Lenz on said:

    I “liked” you on Facebook
    Marlene Lenz

  19. Littlemoe0 on said:

    I think it;s a great idea that they hire folks that are unemployed, or underemployed with disabilities. Great idea, and great way of helping others.

  20. Littlemoe0 on said:

    joined the site with gfc.

  21. Jackie Sampson on said:

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  25. Crystal on said:

    I learnt materials can be used for many disabilities not just Autism. Having a visual and audio disability I understand. Its hard at times to communicate with those without a similar disability. This would of been great while I was growing up.

  26. Crystal on said:

    Following Jean Nichol on Twitter.


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    Following CNAF Autism on Twitter.


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    Following on GFC.

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    Crystal D


  31. Danielle P on said:

    I learned that Jean Nichol was an elementary/secondary school teacher for 30 years.

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    Following Jean Nichol on Twitter as babydee1985

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  36. Marion Pusey on said:

    Jean is a wonderful and caring person. We have been friends for a couple of years.
    We were Facebook friends and found out that we were both visual resource providers. Jean was a teacher for 30 years and became an expert at creating visuals for her students who were visual learners because over the years resources were minimal to non-existant.
    My own son is now 27 years old and has autism. I found that he was a visual learner so like Jean I started creating visuals for him. As I connected with other families with special needs children I helped them out by creating visuals around thier needs for thier children. I eventually started my business to provide visual
    resources for families, teachers, therapists, etc.
    My business is called Picture Card Communication
    Link: http://www.picturecardcommunication.com

  37. Pingback: RT @mommakoala: #Win @CNAFAutism Blog “The Eating Game” by @naejic http://cnaf.net/blog/?p=283 ($79.95 value) #autism | My Autism Site | All About Autism

  38. Teena Young on said:

    What I learned from your site is that you have great ideas for children and are very helpful to the parents for the needs of their children with the products you have available.

    • Teena young (Improve Autism) on said:

      I am also on twitter and facebook as Improve Autism and have a blog called Improve Autism Awareness, I will post this giveaway there.

  39. Thank you for the PDF WEEKLY MEAL PLANNING SUMMARY. I have learned I think my little guy word enjoy the inclussion of his meal planning and creating daily 🙂

    We follow you on tweeter and on facebook 🙂

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