Jun 25

Skin Vitality $10,000 10 Years Younger Contest: My Cinderella Story and Win Skin Vitality SWAG

Mid January I received a phone call that changed my life. I found out I was one of the 5 winners of the Skin Vitality $10,000 10 Years Younger Contest.  That was the first conversation of many that changed how I feel, how I look, and gave a the gift of youth that most women only dream of. Entry was only a recent photo and story as to why I deserved a makeover and judges made the decision (based on the info submitted).

How do I feel!! Fantastic, honoured, and still fuzzy. Maybe it was all the champagne last night. Honestly, I feel fantastic inside and out. Willy went to every appointment with me and documented the entire journey. I am so proud of myself, and I know Willy is proud of me. We really make quite the team. I am still struggling with the right words on how to describe my experience. I still pinch myself to make sure that it is me, and this really happened.

The Skin Vitality provided the most amazing treatments which included: Photofacial, Botox, Soft Lip, Skin Tightening, Fraxel,  and Chemical Peels. Minimized are the wrinkles. Broken capilliaries and discolourations are gone!! Included were hair, teeth, wardrobe, cosmetics, and photo shoots. I was treated to not one, but two days with David Clemmer from Style By Jury.   He provided fun, humorous, but constructive criticism providing tips how I should dress, and what I can wear.  I finally realize I can wear belts, and fitted garments and look fashionable, comfortable, and if I don’t mind saying so myself,  pretty darn hot!!  Hey, it’s not every day you get a man to dress you. I highly recommend it.

Read about the entire journey over at Picture Ontario
You will find more pictures and more about my story.


These are the same goodie bags that were handed out at my reveal.

It consists of Vivier Cream Body Scrub, eye lash curler, Lip Balm with SPF 15, and hair bandanna. ($80 value)

I am giving away 2 of them on this blog, and if you want to increase your chances in winning, go to Picture Ontario , and  Smart Canucks to enter. In total, there are 6 of these available to be won.


Entry is simple. Just comment once below. I really want to  hear your opinions about the services, or my transformation. Please refrain from “I want to win” or “would love to win” comments.  I would love the hear what you really think.

The contest will end July 1, 2011, and I will choose the winners via random.org (Canada only)

*Bonus *for this blog only.

*Enter the The Kid Companions Chewelry (3 winners) Open World Wide on this blog and come back and comment that you did. If you already entered, please comment below.

52 comments on “Skin Vitality $10,000 10 Years Younger Contest: My Cinderella Story and Win Skin Vitality SWAG

  1. Gingermommy on said:

    I think you look fantastic 🙂 Hair,makeup, clothes everything is great

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  3. Tina on said:

    Debbie what a chance in a life time you look great. LOVE the choice of clothing and beautiful all round hair make up clothing and style way to go

  4. fahlinluv on said:

    Congrats again! The transformation was amazing! Hope you and your Prince have a happily ever after!

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  6. judy on said:

    Vibrant transformation! You look so fresh! I didnt know so many options existed that could give you such a healthy look.

  7. Amazing, amazing, amazing! So happy for you. You look youthful not just because you had a makeover but because it radiates out of you with positive energy!

  8. Marina on said:

    You look absolutely amazing! Looking through the photo gallery, it looks like you had a great time. What I like the most is that you’re smiling in your before photo, too. I see a lot of before and after photos, no one seems to ever smile in them like they’re so miserable. 😛

  9. I loved reading about your experience! I have always wanted to have a makeover! Looks like you had a great time 🙂

  10. Lynne on said:

    Great make-over – great story !! Thanks for providing all the details of your fabulous journey.

  11. claire on said:

    You look awesome! Hearing a story such as yours just gives the feeling of being hopeful. How one phone call can change someone’s life…You could not have said it perfectly..”youth is a gift”. God Bless you plus your family and cheers to your new wonderful look.

  12. Francesca Polacco on said:

    Amazing results! A motivation to others to think of themselves at the same time of thinking of the ones near and dear to us. Most of us forget to take care of ourselves because we are so busy taking care of others. Looking at your pictures makes us realise how important we are to our loved ones.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Eriluo on said:

    What a great opportunity! Congrats to you not only for the win but for your work with Autism. As a mom of an autistic child, I appreciate those who bring awareness of Autism to others!

  14. Lyssa on said:

    You look great! I love when fellow Smartcanucks enter contests and actually win!

  15. Cindy Nickerson on said:

    I think you look fantastic. congrates on everything you won.

  16. Jenny Olson on said:

    I admire your work with Autism my nephew has autism and I have been around him almost daily for 23 years,so I know how important this work is and how people like you are needed in the fight for rights for autistic children and families,I have tried to be involved as much as possible with autism, I have written a few 10 page letters in my time and then some,I commented on your transformation on the skin vitality blog, and want to say again so happy for you you deserve it that’s why you got picked,fantastic!

  17. Your story is amazing and you look fabulous.

  18. carlyincanada on said:

    i love your story & you look wonderful….A gals dream makeover!! Whoot!!! 🙂

  19. liz ward on said:

    You look grrrrrrreat!!

  20. liz ward on said:

    entered the chewelry giveaway=)

  21. smartmama on said:

    Love your story. Congratulations. You look wonderful.

  22. smartmama on said:

    Entered the Kids companion chewelry giveaway.

  23. Paulette on said:

    Such a lovely story !! Congratulations

  24. jennifer on said:

    You look great!!! 🙂

  25. Suzanne on said:

    You look awesome, congratulations on your new you!

  26. Love the whole look! Congratulations to the new you!

  27. Glogirl on said:

    What an incredible experience! You must be so excited to see your transformation! I love how your skin is glowing-it’s so soft and smooth looking. You look radiant!

  28. Nikki on said:

    You looked so confident during the process like you’ve done this type of thing before! In other words, you look like a natural! What a great experience that not everyone is able to ever pursue! Good for you!

  29. Shopoholic on said:

    Congratulations! You look amazing! I have always wanted to have a make over! I need a new hair style and I’m too chicken to colour my hair. A new wardrobe would be a dream come true!

  30. Denise Connor on said:

    What an amazing makeover! Unbelievable!! Congratulations to you!

  31. sean m. on said:

    Wow, what an experience – and you look GREAT! Yahoo!

  32. Cheri Lelond on said:

    Amazing, amazing, amazing, what can one say, you looked beautiful before but now you look years younger, the wonders of science. We don’t have to age gracefully, we have amazing tools to turn back time.

  33. sarah on said:

    a well deserved win for sure. you are absolutely glowing in your “after” pic. congrats!

  34. Alicia on said:

    Your hair looks amazing, as does your skin! Congrats!

  35. Deb0725 on said:

    Thanks for the story! The picture of your husband was priceless!! Many congrats to you on the wonderful gift to your self image. You are obviously a much more beautiful person on the inside and now the outside was shined up a little more closely to resemble it 🙂 Enjoy!

  36. Jennifer Desjardins on said:

    You look awsome and deserved this make over. It nice to see someone so deserving get the oppertunity to shine. Way to go you look great! It must feel good to put yourself first after spending so much time thinking about others and dedicating your time to great causes such as Autism. Enjoy the new look, you rock it!!!!

  37. mary on said:

    The “chewlery” is really good idea!
    As for your makeover, you do indeed look youger but a little too made up for day to day wear.

  38. kc KyCar on said:

    What an amazing contest and you look even more beautiful than before!!!

  39. Sarah Annett on said:

    Get job taking this totally unique experience and sharing it with others. It shows dreams do come true and definately sounds like you deserved it! You are glowing!

  40. What a huge prize! An you look so happy and healthy! Congrats!

  41. Susanne on said:

    What a wonderful opportunity for you! You look amazing ! I read about this on Smart Canucks and never heard of Canadian National Autism before this. I have a son with autism and while I often think it woudl be great to get a makeover, I find there are other priorities now. Its funny how your life can change so quickly.

  42. DiamondLil on said:

    eriluo said it all – the win could not have happened to a nicer person.

    Congrats again hun – you look mahvelous!!!!

  43. missbobloblaw on said:

    Holy Hanna Lady- you look HOT!

    I’ve been waiting for the ‘big reveal’ – congrats

  44. Megan Havers on said:

    I am so happy for you! I strive to be as wonderful a person as you are.

  45. this is truly a once and a lifetime event! you look stunning. congradulations on your amazing win!

  46. jada on said:

    entered kids companion chewlery

  47. Carmen Shaw on said:

    Congrats! What a great story! You look so happy (and younger I should add 😉 )
    It’s so nice of you to share your swag.

  48. Anita on said:

    What a transformation! You look amazing!! Love the red on you! Thanks for sharing your story with us – lucky you! What a wonderful experience!!

  49. 409cope on said:

    My nephew is slightly autistic and faces challenges every day. I have heard only good reviews on this skin care line.

  50. jamie on said:

    Looken good girl! Keep out of the sun now!

  51. Denise G on said:

    Wow!! Congratulations! You look fab!!

    ontariohappychick at gmail dot com

  52. sueboobadoo on said:

    I’d love to let a man dress me.. Just not my husband…lol
    What a fabulous makeover 🙂

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