The Canadian National Autism Foundation was formed in June 2000, by parents of children with autism. 

Foundation Goals

The objectives of the Canadian National Autism Foundation are charitable. The Canadian National Autism Foundation has been formed to provide funding for:

* Educating the general public and professionals

* Providing information and resources to families of children with autism

* Providing funding for Canadian based research and development

* Promoting national autism awareness

Mission and Vision Statement

The Canadian National Autism Foundation promotes the positive

enhancement and quality of life for people with autism in Canada.

2 comments on “About

  1. David Berkowitz on said:

    I am the aspie father of 3 autistic kids, just started a US Non-profit based out of Nevada. We are trying to help give the gift of technology to autistic people in need, as well culture and educational scholarships and vocational assistace, I know Jean Nicole with the eating game in Nova Scotia. If you can help us to help others, please let me know. http://WWW.technewszone.com, our wish is to improve the lives of autistic people and their families, We need help in terms of people who want to help us with articles or help us to help autism. David B, Founder and President of Autism Advocacy and Technology News Zone, Inc. aka http://www.technewszone.com

  2. Sharuni on said:

    Aug. 21/2013

    Response to hate letter:

    I first heard of the angry letter directed at Max, the 13-year-old boy with autism, this afternoon on the radio, and was both shocked and appalled at the sheer gall of the author of the letter. After reading it online I realized it was clearly written by an ignoramus judging by the over and improper use of punctuation and grammar, and incorrect spelling of the word wailing. I also noticed the cowardice of this person who hid behind anonymity despite the contents of the seemingly bold spewing of filth. There is a difference between stating an opinion and showing unadulterated hatred, which this person evidently fails to recognize.
    Max and his family have the right to live wherever they choose according to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The most disturbing of all was her comment on donating body parts to science, and euthanizing Max if they chose to live in her neighbourhood. I’m not in law enforcement, so I don’t know if this is a criminal offence, but I hope this insensitive letter violates some statute in the Canadian Human Rights Act, and there should be consequences regardless. It’s the only way to stop the trend of discrimination against some group or the other. Letting it go paves the way for further escalation of hate speech, hate crimes, and just pure hatred. Since when is it acceptable for people to be condemned for conditions they cannot help or control? What gives this person the right? What if Max was her child? She talks of hard work, but does she know what the parents of Max have to go through to cope and deal with everyday life, let alone a self-indulgent, morally bankrupt, raving lunatic who thinks its okay to kill an innocent child.
    As a mother, her parenting skills should be seriously questioned if these are the kind of values she sees fit to impart on her own children. This is the type of parent that perpetuates bullying in school, and raises and breeds a future society of intolerant bigots.



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