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Aug 16

A Piece of Advice: Career-Building in Post-Secondary

ShareHello everyone! In my previous posts, I have talked about some strategies one can employ when going about their daily life in college or university and a bit about what to expect. What I would like to talk about today is the birthing of one’s career; what is it that you want to do? How …

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Apr 16

A Piece of Advice: Assistance in Post-Secondary

ShareHey y’all, I’m back with another piece of advice! This time, with navigating around the kinds of assistance available to you. When I first attended College, I was pretty overwhelmed, even with the initial assistance I had from my case worker. So what did I do? I continued to use the services that the case …

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Feb 15

A Piece of Advice for the First Day of Post-Secondary Education

ShareHey everyone, I’d like to talk about education again! This time, about what one should do leading up to the first day of school. Congratulations! You have picked the program that best aligns with your interests, at an institution with supports that best suit your needs. You might be wondering, “Hey Aelius, what’s next?” Well, …

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