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Studies Looking for Participants

Department of Psychology ~ McMaster University ~

M.D. Mel Rutherford

NEW STUDY May 2014




You are invited to take part in a research project involving completing an anonymous online survey, which examines whether certain personality and other characteristics are related to the way individuals decide what is right and wrong and whether they engage in behaviours that have the potential to result in legal consequences. In particular, we are interested in whether certain traits that may be associated with autism spectrum disorder are related to differences in moral decision making and whether these differences may place some people at risk of offending. We anticipate that the findings of the study will inform programs to assist individuals who may be at risk of offending.

The survey will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. Initially, you will be asked some general questions about yourself, including your age and your educational hist
ory. These questions will help us to make sense of your responses.

Autism Auditory Processing Study at McMaster University

Are you between 13 and 24 years old?

Have you been diagnosed with High-Functioning Autism or Asperger Syndrome?

If you answered YES to these questions, you might be eligible to
participate in research currently being conducted in the Department of
Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour at McMaster University.

Participants are asked to complete a series of computer tasks that measure
auditory processing. The study will take approximately 3.5 hours to
complete. You will be compensated $40 for your time.

Testing time will be arranged at your convenience.If you are interested
in participating or have any questions about this study, please contact
Anne-Marie DePape by phone at 905-525-9140 ext. 27114 or e-mail

Autism Spectrum Disorders Canadian-American Research Consortium (ASD-CARC) ~ Invites all families with a child with an ASD to participate in On-Line Research. Once registered, questionnaires on parents, individuals with ASD, and other siblings can be completed. New research projects are added every few months.


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