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Saving Deets-A Family's Journey with Autism

There is a 1st Edition which some stories have pictures and 2nd Edition all the stories have pictures

(Tina Fougere wrote Chapter 8 -Getting Over Seizures, starting at page 88)

At the age of twelve, while Nathan was in grade 7, I was called to come to the school as something was wrong with Nathan. I went and he was in the nurse’s room with another classroom teacher that I trusted and his Educational Assistant that he has had for 6 years now. He looked like he had fallen asleep and was waking up, but he was listless and incoherent. The two of them stated that they think Nathan had a seizure. I took him home and called the doctor to book us in with a Neurologist. This took a few weeks. We went to have another EEG, that Dr. Meany from McMaster Hospital recommended, and there was again nothing. Dr Meany concluded that it was not a seizure. We continue to see little stares into space and we were convinced they were indeed absence seizures that lasted for just seconds and then he was fine. But we made everyone aware of them just in case the doctor was wrong.

Nothing else had been seen until Grade 8. I was called by the secretary and told to immediately come to the school as they believed Nathan was having a seizure. My daughter, Tasha also called me crying to come to the school but I was already at the school in the parking waiting for school to finish. They wheeled Nathan from class to the office so that the students would not be afraid to give Nathan more privacy. The secretary as well as the principle called 911 two separate times but the ambulance was not coming.

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Headliners Jerry Douglas & Rik Emmett


Presented A   

Concert for Autism

October 16, 2009

The Studio, Hamilton Place

This event was a huge success, thanks to everyone involved!!

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  CNAF 2009 Concert PICTURES

Hamilton Autism Walk-A-Thon

in Partnership with

September 20, 2009

Christie Conservation Area

    This event raised over $7,250.00

Thank you to all of our volunteers

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6th Annual Golf for Autism

Friday, August 21, 2009

Chippewa Creek Golf & Country Club

in association with

This event raised over $7500.00

Special thank you to the organizers

Chris Windsor, Donna Croucher & Susan Walmsley!


John Bordian Memorial Golf Tournament

to support Autism

September 12, 2009

Pellham Hill Golf & Country Club

 This event raised over $2,800.00



April 2, 2009

Friends who Supported the CNAF for World Autism Awareness Day included

Boston Pizza's Big Support for April 2nd

Participating Boston Pizza locations donated a percentage of food sales on April 2, 2009 back to CNAF!!

Wendy's 2 Hamilton Locations Buy a frosty on April Donated a percentage of the sale of Frosty's on April 2, 2009 to the CNAF!

Mashed Bananas

Mashed Bananas

Donated $5 from the sale of every Warm Buddy sold throughout the month of April. 



Senator Jim Munson Ottawa, Ontario

Autism Canada Foundation

The Comic Connection

Held a National Hockey Day for the CNAF, and collected donations

Maple Moose

Warm Buddy Company supports Autism Awareness see their newsletter about World Autism Awareness Day

Orchard Park Secondary School, Stoney Creek, ON

Starbucks Coffee, Stoney Creek location

Check us out on the Global World Autism Awareness Day Website