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Adults and ASD


Website Links for Information for Adults and ASD.  This is not an exhaustive list, if you have any other websites that you have found helpful, please email the link to us to be added.


Adults and Asperger Syndrome ~ Adults with AS may appear painfully shy,

          or they may be extremely outgoing - sometimes to the point of being

          "in your face." That's because people with AS often misinterpret

          social interaction. Questions they may ask themselves: How far away

          do I stand from another person? How long can I talk about my

          favorite subject? What's the right answer to "how are you?"


Top 10 Reasons for Adults to Seek an Asperger Syndrome Diagnosis


Asperger Syndrome in Adults


Do I have Asperger Syndrome?


Yale School of Medicine ~ Comprehensive overview of Asperger’s

          syndrome, including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.




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