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ABA and IBI Information


Alberta ABA and IBI Information

F.E.A.T Families for Early Treatment Alberta~Families for Effective Autism Treatments of Alberta (FEAT/AB) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, information,education and guidance for parents, educators, and other professionals involved with the Autism community, who believe in the efficacy of Applied Behavior Analysis/Functional Analysis (ABA/FA)intervention and ABA-based interventions.

CIGNA Health Care Coverage -Intensive Intervention Program~ Many CIGNA HealthCare benefit plans explicitly exclude behavioral training and services, training, educational therapy or other non-medical ancillary services for learning disabilities, developmental delays, autism . In addition, this service may be governed by state mandates. CIGNA Health Care does not cover intensive intervention programs for autism because they are considered to be experimental, investigational, or unproven.


Autism Partnership ~ Autism Partnership will assist families in setting up an intensive behavioral intervention program utilizing discrete trial               teaching and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Children's Autism Services of Edmonton~ a non-profit organization providing services to children with autism and other developmental disorders. Provide a range of specialized Services through Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD).Services :ABA/IBI/EIBI and Related;Behaviour Supports;IEP, Transition Planning and Special Education;Speech/Language Therapy and Communication Supports


St. Amant ~ Their goal is to partner with families in providing the best

education for their children with autism, using Applied Behavior                Analysis.  They provide home based intensive early intervention for preschool children with 36 hours of one-to-one teaching sessions per week for a period of three years.  They also provide school-age services, with consultation to schools and families.

Stepping Stones Autism Institute (Children's Autism Services of Edmonton) ~ provides a continuum of care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Communication and Behavioral impairments. For children who qualify for specialized services through FSCD, Stepping Stones will provide intensive one-on-one support based on behavioral strategies from trained

Specialized Services Workers ranging from 10-20 hours per week.  Consultation services will be provided by contracted¬† professionals including Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, and/or Physical Therapists based on the child’s individual needs.


Some More Schools Doing ABA in Alberta


Janus Academy~  specializes in providing an educational approach that is based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis within structured individualized instruction and small group teaching sessions. Each student's program is based upon an individualized Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills Revised (Partington, James W. 2008), adapted Alberta Learning Curriculum, and a Functional Behavioural Assessment for behaviours that may interfere with learning.

Edmonton Public School Board: Specialized Therapy Educational Play Program (STEPP) Waverly Elementary School~ Types of Services:Treatment/Education General;ABA/IBI/EIBI and Related;IEP, Transition Planning and Special Education

Renfrew Educational Services~ A not-for-profit society and registered  

charity, Renfrew offers a broad range of specialized programs and is an acknowledged leader in program development for children with special needs. Renfrew is also known for its programs for typically developing children, who learn side-by-side with children with special needs.



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