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Autism in the News

Lately, Autism has been getting more and more attention in the news.  This page provides links to some of those news articles, and television shows that have talked about autism.

In all cases, please be aware that the Canadian National Autism Foundation does not endorse or recommend any of the information contained within our pages or the links to other sites. It is your responsibility to use these pages as information to build your knowledge and to ask questions of other professionals with whom you trust.


How to Deal with a Diagnosis as a Family Articles

The Downside of Special:Parenting a Child with Special Needs~ He was unusually energetic “a flight risk,” Miss P. corrected me, explaining that he had been known to bolt out of the classroom and didn’t seem to have any awareness of being hungry or thirsty or too hot or too cold. Toilet training wasn’t happening: He hadn’t seemed to figure out when he needed to go. I thought he had his mind on bigger things: learning everything about the solar system, for instance. “We should be thinking about an IEP,” Miss P. said.


Articles about Various Issues

Government of Canada Announces Funding to Address COVID-19 Challenges for Autistic Individuals~ October 2022-Today, as we recognize Autism Awareness Month and reflect on how we can better support Autistic Canadians, Ryan Turnbull, Member of Parliament for Whitby and Michael Coteau, Member of Parliament for Don Valley East on behalf of the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Health announced funding for a community-based project aimed at addressing the negative impacts of COVID-19.

Progress in autism program rollout goes dark as Ontario government withholds new updates~ September 2022-Province previously said it would get 8,000 kids into core clinical services by end of fall.The Ontario government is refusing to publicly divulge its progress in enrolling children in core autism therapies, after the last update showed it was far off its own target.Merrilee Fullerton, the minister of children, community and social services, has said the government would get 8,000 kids into core clinical services by the end of the fall, but as of last month that number was only about 888.

Autism: National autism strategy~ May,2022- The Government of Canada is committed to improving the health and well-being of people on the autism spectrum and to supporting caregivers. We're also committed to creating a national strategy for autism (also known as autism spectrum disorder or ASD) by working with:Autistic people;families;provinces; territories;stakeholders. We invested $1.67 million in a broad and inclusive assessment process to: inform the development of the strategy ; and make sure it's responsive to the needs of the autism community

Ontario autism program faces more delays as wait list almost doubles~ November 2021-The number of children who need support for autism has almost doubled since the Ford government announced it was overhauling the program three years ago.The wait list now stands at roughly 50,000, enough children to fill every seat in the Rogers Centre.Approximately 40,000 of the children on the wait list are receiving interim financial support as the new program gets off the ground, according to the Ontario government.

Stability and good governance needed for national autism strategy~July 2021- The money has been earmarked. Now, the first step is creating an advisory committee to help develop a strategy that best supports autistic Canadians.The federal budget 2021 pledged $15.4 million over two years to the Public Health Agency of Canada to support the creation of a National Autism Strategy.

Nerves that sense touch may play role in autism~ October 14, 2020-Autism is considered a disorder of the brain. But a new study suggests that the peripheral nervous system, the nerves that control our sense of touch, pain and other sensations, may play a role as well."More than 70% of people with autism have differences in their sensory perception," said study author Sung-Tsang Hsieh, M.D., Ph.D., of National Taiwan University Hospital in Taipei and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology. "For some people, even a light touch can feel unbearable while others may not even notice a cut on their foot. 

Breakthrough in autism spectrum reseach finds genetic 'wrinkles' in DNA could be a cause~ July 27, 2020- Through this research, they identified something they call “genetic wrinkles” in DNA itself, a breakthrough they believe could explain why some individuals find themselves on the autistic spectrum.Dr. Stephen Scherer, co-author of the study released Monday and director of the Centre for Applied Genomics at SickKids, told CTV News the new discovery is “really quite exciting.”“It unveils a whole new class of genes that we didn't know (were) involved in autism before,” he said.“We do know that they're involved in brain function but we don't know how they fit into the jigsaw puzzle.”Current research estimates that genetic factors should be found in anywhere from 50 to 90 per cent of individuals with ASD.Scientists already know of about 100 genes that play a role in the development of autism, but these genes only explain less than 20 per cent of cases.

Why the focus of autism research is shifting away from searching for a 'cure~ September 22, 2019- “Len Abbeduto says, "I think that given the complexity and the variability of the causes and the manifestations of autism, trying to come up with a cure is probably not the right approach,” said autism researcher and psychologist Len Abbeduto, director of the University of California, Davis, MIND Institute in Sacramento.An estimated 80 percent of autism cases involve genetic factors, and it tends to run in families, but there is no single “autism gene,” Abbeduto explained. In fact, research has shown that more than 100 genes, and maybe upwards of 1,000, may play a role. Researchers also suspect that environmental factors — such as exposures to infectious agents, pesticides or other toxins in pregnancy — may play a role.

Autism in 2019: What we learned about the spectrum this year~December 28, 2019-Since January, advocacy groups across the country have protested the lack of available services for children with autism. Misinformation continues to run rampant, with some Canadian parents still turning to dangerous “cures” for autism — like bleach — against the advice of medical professionals.Long wait times for aid and questionable treatment of people with autism also remain top concerns for members of the community.But it wasn’t all bad. 2019 was also a year of advancement and discovery for autism researchers, and according to experts, this has helped the broader society develop a more meaningful understanding about what it means to have autism.

AIDE is coming for Canadians living with autism spectrum disorder~March 5, 2018~ $20 million in federal funding will go toward supporting people with autism spectrum disorder. British Columbia will soon be home to the headquarters of new national autism support network meant to address significant gaps in our knowledge surrounding autism spectrum disorder.

Researchers making advances in creating blood test for autism~ February 20, 2018~ Scientists in the U.K. say they have made important findings that could help in the creating of the first blood test for autism.Their research, published Sunday in the journal Molecular Autism, might also provide new clues into the causes of the condition, which causes a range of behavioural and social interaction problems.There is currently no simple test for autism. A typical diagnosis requires several interviews and behaviour observation sessions that can take months.

Adults with autism want input on community services~ November 12, 2017~ TORONTO - A growing number of Canadian businesses are providing programs and services geared toward autistic people, but some adult members of their target audience want more of a say on how the offerings are developed.Organizations from movie chains to airports to blood services labs have designed programs geared toward addressing the needs of people with sensory sensitivities or cognitive disabilities.

Ottawa accused of new tax grab after disability tax credit clawback hits those with mental illness~ October 26, 2017~ OTTAWA- Sources say that some lifelong sufferers of mental disabilities have been cut off from the disability tax credit after having received the credit for decades. Sufferers of autism, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and other mental health issues are the latest victims of a clampdown on access to the disability tax credit by the Canada Revenue Agency, according to several accountants, mental health associations and other advocacy groups.

Is there a better way to integrate kids with special needs into classrooms?~April 12, 2017~ Since many teachers don’t have the training or resources to deal with the many complex issues that kids with special needs have, these kids are sent to time outs in closets, principals are calling the police and parents are suing school boards. Is there an easier way?

Ontario Providing More Supports For Children With Autism~ New Program to Start One Year Earlier~ June 28, 2016~ Ontario is providing more support for children and youth with autism, including an accelerated implementation of the new Ontario Autism Program. The new program will provide all children, regardless of age, with more flexible services at a level of intensity that meets each child's individual needs, significantly reduce wait times for service, and increase the number of treatment spaces available to serve more children and accommodate the rising prevalence in autism diagnoses.

Strengthening the Ontario Autism Program~June 28,2016~ The 2016 Ontario Budget committed $333 milion over 5 years for Ontario`s new autism program.This is in addition to the $190 million that Ontario already invests in autism services for children and youth annually. Today, Ontario is announcing an additional $200 million investment over the next four years for additional supports for children and youth with autism. 1)Implementing the Ontario Autism Program sooner-The implementation of the new Ontario Autism Program will now begin in June 2017, a full year ahead of the initially planned date of June 2018.

Wynne leaves door open to changing implementation of autism program~May 11, 2016-Parents of autistic kids 5 and older blasted government last month over cuts to intensive therapy

Wait lists growing for autism treatment in Ontario~November 3, 2015~In 2005-06 there were 753 kids waiting on treatment, now there are more than 2,192.Thousands more Ontario children with autism are on waiting lists for treatment than they were 10 years ago, and government figures suggest the number of kids receiving treatment is actually dropping.The NDP submitted a Freedom of Information request for the numbers of children with autism spectrum disorders on wait lists for Intensive Behavioural Intervention and Applied Behaviour Analysis.

The Select Committee on Developmental Services~ March 2014~The Select Committee on Developmental Services is pleased to present this interim report. Each of our Members volunteered to serve on the Select Committee out of a deep commitment to Ontarians with developmental disabilities and their families.
At the public hearings, we were moved by the presenters willingness to share the intimate and often very emotional details of their families lives and struggles. The Committee members were also struck by the extent to which witnesses from across the province expressed very similar concerns about developmental services, and their many thoughtful ideas and recommendations for improvement.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sent this bulletin at 03/27/2014 01:55 PM EDT Press Release.....

CDC estimates 1 in 68 children has been identified with autism spectrum disorder...The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in 68 children (or 14.7 per 1,000 eight-year-olds) in multiple communities in the United States has been identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This new estimate is roughly 30 percent higher than previous estimates reported in 2012 of 1 in 88 children (11.3 per 1,000 eight year olds) being identified with an autism spectrum disorder. The number of children identified with ASD ranged from 1 in 175 children in Alabama to 1 in 45 children in New Jersey. The data continue to show that ASD is almost five times more common among boys than girls: 1 in 42 boys versus 1 in 189 girls. White children are more likely to be identified as having ASD than are black or Hispanic children




One in 50 children in the U.S. has autism: new CDC estimates - March 2013 ---A national phone survey of parents reveals one in 50 U.S. children has been diagnosed with autism, surpassing previous estimates of one in 88, government officials said.A government survey of parents says 1 in 50 U.S. schoolchildren has autism, surpassing another federal estimate for the disorder.

One in 50 American kids has autism: What the latest figures tell us- March 2013 -The numbers released last week mark a significant increase from the CDC's previous report on the issue, which last year put prevalence at 1 in 88 children. However, these figures can't be compared, the CDC says. "These reports use different methods to answer different questions about autism," CDC representatives said in an e-mail to U.S. News. "Both reports help paint a more complete picture of autism in our nation."

Study Points To Bullying Risk Factors For Kids With Autism ~In a survey of teachers and parents, British researchers found that bullying is more common among kids on the spectrum who attend mainstream schools as opposed to special education environments. Bullying also becomes more prevalent as children enter adolescence, according to the findings published online in the journal Autism.“Children with autism are easy targets because their behavior may be regarded as odd or different, and our research tells us this is likely to result in bullying, teasing and provocation,” said Judith Hebron of The University of Manchester who led the study. “But not all of these children are bullied, and as researchers, we are interested in finding out why.” August 9, 2013

Bullying and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): How to Help Your Child ~ Bullying of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a major problem too. In fact, bullying a person with disabilities is against federal law and is considered a violation of civil rights. 46 percent of kids with autism in middle and high school reported being victimized in 2011 and some studies show that 70 percent of kids with autism, that are mainstreamed, are bullied. I was shocked when I read about it on This inspired me to investigate the issue of bullying and how it affects kids with autism and offer ways you can help. April 8, 2013

What the McLean brain bank malfunction means for autism research~This week,the freezer at the Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital broke down,with the loss of about 150 brain samples from people who had died and who had conditions such as autism, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, or schizophrenia.This is bad news for at least five different communities............. June 13, 2012

CTV Investigates: Understanding Autism ~PART 1,2,3 VIDEO AND STORY After putting Kaleb on a waiting list for intensive behavior treatment, trying to change his diet reality set in for Beaudin.“I realized that I won't be able to cure autism we're going to learn how to live with it and that was very hard for me to look at Kaleb, love what he just loves everything about him instead of trying to fix him.” December 10, 2012

     CDC to introduce 'Autism Case Training' curriculum ~ "Autism Case Training A Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Curriculum"will educate future pedia- tricians on the fundamental components of identifying,diagnosing,and manage

     autism spectrum disorders through real-life, case-based scenarios.The cirricu- 

     lum is a flexible, interactive learning tool that emphasizes practical skills for

     patient and parent interaction. The curriculum consists of seven case- based

     studies that can be taught individually or as part of a series.~October 2011

     Early, Intensive Therapy Better for Kids With Autism, Study Finds ~ Social,

     communication skills improved more when treatment started at early age~

     October 2011

     Promising Drug Treatment for Improving Language, Social Function in

     People with Autism ~ The beta blocker propranolol, a drug widely used to 

    treat hypertension and anxiety disorders,may also be beneficial for improving

    language and social function in people with autism. ~ October 2011

....The level and nature of autistic intelligence II: What about Asperger ....Syndrome?~ September 2011~Asperger individuals' scores are much higher when they are evaluated by a test called Raven's Progressive Matrices, which ....encompasses reasoning, novel problem-solving abilities, and high-level ....abstraction. By comparison, scores for non-Asperger individuals are much more consistent across different tests. Interestingly, Asperger participants' performance on Raven's Matrices was associated with their strongest peaks of performance on Wechsler.

   People Affected By Autism Believe Increase Is 'Real,' Not Diagnostic ~ ...Medical.News Today, December 11, 2009

Extreme Preemies Might Have Higher Autism Risk~ ABC News, January

29, 2009

Three Reasons Not to Believe in an Autism Epidemic~Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Michelle Dawson, and H. Hill Goldsmith

New Clues to Autism's Cause ~Time, July 2008

Link Between Autism and Testosterone? ~Time, January 15, 2009


What Happens When They Grow Up? ~ featured in Newsweek Health,

November 27, 2006

Coping with Life as a Grown-Up with Autism ~ Newsweek, December 11,


When Does Autism Start? ~ featured in Newsweek Magazine, February 28,

2005 series on Autism

'The New Age of Autism' Scientists Hope to Identify Early Markers of

Autism in Babies as Young as Six Months ~ featured in Newsweek

Magazine, February 20, 2005 and in the Schafer Autism Report


How About Not 'Curing' Us, Some Autistics Are Pleading ~ featured in the

New York Times, December 20, 2004


Sheriff: Deadly fight provoked ~ PERRIS: An autistic man's family says

he was not responsible for a tussle that preceded his death ~ The Minnesota Governor's  Council on Developmental Disabilities, July 26, 2006

Experts Question Prevalent Stereotypes about Autism ~ University of

Wisconsin-Madison ~ February 20, 2006


Autistic Kids Benefit from Dads' Involvement ~ University of Florida

Health Science Center ~ April 2005


Inside Autism ~ CNN ~ September 2006


Articles about the Brain

Researchers Link Autism To A System That Insulates Brain Wiring
The team found that in both mouse and human brains affected by autism, there's an abnormality in cells that produce a substance called myelin.
That's a problem because myelin provides the "insulation" for brain circuits, allowing them to quickly and reliably carry electrical signals from one area to another. And having either too little or too much of this myelin coating can result in a wide range of neurological problems.
The finding could help explain why autism spectrum disorders include such a wide range of social and behavioral features, says Brady Maher, a lead investigator at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development and an associate professor in the psychiatry department at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
February 3, 2020

Brain changes of autism may begin in the womb~ Scientists say many of the brain changes seen in autism likely occur during pregnancy and delivery.One study, published Tuesday in Annals of Neurology, finds a four-fold increase in autism among women who had very low levels of a key thyroid hormone,called thyroxine. Researchers found the link in a study of more than 4,000 Dutch mothers and children. Doctors took blood samples from women around the 13th week of pregnancy, then followed up six years later,asking women to fill out a standard psychological checklist about the child's behavior and emotional traits. A second study, published Monday in JAMA Pediatrics, notes that pregnant women who have their labor started or sped up artificially are slightly more likely to have autistic children. August 13, 2013

Social Brain Circuits Disrupted in Autism~ In a study of high-functioning adolescents with an autism spectrum disorder, scientists using functional brain imaging have found reduced connectivity selectively affecting parts of the brain that form circuits supporting social behavior. The findings sharpen the focus of previous reports suggesting disruptions in connectivity across the brain in autism, and offer a target for future studies to search for the genes that shape the development of these circuits and how they become disrupted in the disorder. July 19, 2012

Brain researchers finally under one dome~ The researchers unearthing mysteries behind how diseases such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer's and autism affect us can now work under one roof in a "coffee culture" environment, said centre founder Melvyn Goodale Monday at the official opening of the space, previously spread inconveniently across the campus. July 26, 2011

Robot Playmates Monitor Emotional State of Children with Autism

~  Science Daily

New Test Spots Autism Signs in 9 Month Old Infant ~ ~May 15,2008 (Go to the right hand side of the page and click on Mel Rutherford under Your Health)

Mac Test May Catch Autism Earlier ~ Hamilton Spectator ~ May 15, 2008

New Test to Detect Autism at 9 Months ~The Globe and Mail~May 16,2008

New Test May Unlock Autism Secrets ~ how an MRI can measure how an

individual's brain processes light and motion

Ties That Bind Mother And Child ~ One theory behind autism's symptom of

social indifference is that the brain might be incapable of forming strong 

social bonds without feedback from its opioid reward system -- like the

pleasure a baby should feel from loving parental care.

UCSD Researchers Find Brain Overgrowth During First Year of Life in

Autism ~ University of California, San Diego News Release


Scientists Make Gut-Brain Connection to Autism ~ CBC News, September 



Articles about Genetics and Autism

More pieces of the autism puzzle uncovered.A major international study from the Autism Sequencing Consortium with participation of researchers from the Danish iPSYCH psychiatry project, has recently mapped 102 new #autism #genes.The largest study so far of rare genetic variants has now identified 102 new so-called risk genes for autism. The results have just been published in the international journal Cell.The new findings provide a new understanding of the biology behind autism, which could in the future be utilised to provide an earlier and more precise diagnosis and better treatment options.Ever since the first autism diagnosis was made in 1938, researchers have been trying to clarify where the disorder originates. There have been many suggestions - along with many disagreements. But one thing has been clear for a while: #Genetics play a major role with heritability of up to eighty per cent. February 4, 2020

More genes linked to autism with advanced sequencing tool~A Canadian-led international research team has identified several new genetic mutations that appear to be linked to autism spectrum disorder, using a method that looks at the entire DNA code of affected individuals.The method is called whole genome sequencing,and the researchers believe they are the first to use it to take an in-depth look at genetic alterations associated with autism spectrum disorder, or ASD. ~July 11, 2013

Scientists find gene pattern in autism patients ~Scientists have identified a genetic pattern common to people with autism that is linked to the way messages are sent in the brain.Medical Research Council researchers at the University of Oxford said the knowledge could help them understand the role that genetics plays in autism. Doctors can currently only identify the exact .genetic cause of autism in about one in five cases but it is known that genes play an important role in the development of autism spectrum disorders, an MRC spokeswoman said. June 7, 2013

Genetic Research on Autism Advances ~In the current project,researchers tested the contribution of rare genetic mutations, as well genetic variations common to autism,to see whether these different types of genetic risk factors are related.Instead of testing individual genes, the researchers chose to study gene collections, in an attempt to understand general pathways involved in autism. May 2, 2012

Recurrence Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Baby Siblings Research Consortium Study ~ The recurrence risk of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) is estimated to be between 3% and 10%, but previous research was limited by .small sample sizes and biases related to ascertainment, reporting, and stoppage factors. This study used prospective methods to obtain an updated estimate of sibling recurrence risk for ASD. ---August 22, 2011

   Autism Research: Breakthrough Discovery on the Causes of Autism  ~   

    researchers from the University of California, Davis called "Mitochondrial  

    Dysfunction in Autism" (i) discovered a profound and serious biological 

    underpinning of autism -- an acquired loss of the ability to produce energy in

    the cells, damage to mitochondria (the energy factories in your cells), and an 

    increase in oxidative stress (the same chemical reaction that causes cars to

    rust, apples to turn brown, fat to become rancid, and skin to wrinkle).These

    disturbances in energy metabolism were not due to genetic mutations,which is

    often seen in mitochondrial problems, but a condition the children studied

    acquired in utero or after birth. ~ December 2010


Autism Linked to Genes that Govern How the Brain is Wired ~ Time, April

28, 2009


Genetic Flaw Appears to Increase the Risk of Autism ~ as featured on 

CTV News, January 9, 2008


Doctors want to screen out embryos with Autism ~ The Sunday Times

Britain ~ June 18, 2006


Tracing The Origins of Autism: A Spectrum Of New Studies ~ Environmental Health Perspectives, July 2006


Articles about Education

UNC study shows promise for children with autism~ Preschoolers with ..autism benefit from high-quality classrooms, a new study shows, whether or not teachers employ popular treatment models used for decades.The study followed 198 children for one school year and measured changes in ..communication skills and autism symptoms, said researcher Bryan Boyd, a ...fellow at UNC’s Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. July 18, 2013

Pupils 'must look away to think' ~ BBC News ~ January 2006

Photo Essay~ Inside A School for Autistic Children ~ Time Magazine

Inside the Autistic Mind~ May 2006 A wealth of new brain research--and poignant testimony from people who have autism--is lifting the veil on this mysterious condition FULL article with pictures and here is the full article of Inside the Mind


Articles about Mercury and Vaccines

Vaccine Safety Concerns about Autism ~ Evidence from several studies examining trends in vaccine use and changes in autism frequency does not support such an association between thimerosal and autism. Furthermore, a scientific review by the Institute of Medicine concluded that "the evidence ..favors rejection of a causal relationship between thimerosal containing vaccines and autism." CDC supports the IOM conclusion that there is no relationship ..between vaccines containing thimerosal,autism rates in children. March 29,2013

MMR:A mother's victory.The vast majority of doctors say there is no link between the triple jab and autism,but could an Italian court case reignite a controversial debate? * Landmark ruling in an Italian court has said Valentino Bocca's autism was provoked by the MMR jab he had at aged nine months *His parents have already been awarded 140,000 and could be paid an additional 800,000 in their case against the Italian government
*The case could set a precedent for many similar civil proceedings .....June 15, 2012

    Federal government has paid out vaccine autism compensation awards to

     83 families ~ But enough claims have been awarded to indicate the

    government's secret awareness of the link between a vaccine and autism

    while publicly denying it. ~ September 2011


Autism & Vaccines MMR ~ CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Autism-vaccine study retracted~ A medical journal in Britain has retracted a controversial study it published in 1998 that linked the use of a vaccine in children to autism.The study retracted on Tuesday looked at 12 children suffering from colitis, a gastrointestinal disease.British surgeon and medical researcher Andrew Wakefield concluded a component of the measles, mumps and rubella, or MMR, vaccine caused the colitis, which in turn led to development problems that are part of autism spectrum disorder. ~February 2, 2010

Autism ruling fails to convince many vaccine-link believers~ A special court's Thursday ruling that no proven link exists between autism and certain early childhood vaccines seems to have done little to change the sometimes-passionate opinion fueling the debate. February 14, 2009

Autism: Unraveling the mystery.  Families Argue Autism Vaccine Link ~

CNN News, June 5, 2008


Study Casts Doubt on Autism-Vaccine Link ~ CTV News, January 7, 2008


Vaccine Links To Autism? ~ Alex Donnelly had abnormal levels of mercury in

his body; his father thinks there's a connection between vaccinations and the autism he developed.

ABC's Primetime Live Report on Autism: Yellow Journalism At It's Worst

~ SafeMinds Calls Upon ABC News to Make On-Air Correction; 'Investigative' Report Appears to Lack Even Most Basic Facts

The vaccine preservative contains mercury ~ During the 1990s, autism 

silently exploded across the United States, affecting up to 15 times as many children as it did in the prior decade.


A Neverending Story-Autism & Vaccines: A Coming Wave of Lawsuits?~ Even as researchers report once again that there is no link between a vaccine preservative and the way kids develop,parents of children with autism continue to press their cases against drugmakers. A coming wave of lawsuits?


Video Clips of Autism in the News


Video CHCH TV News Report ~ Detecting Autism at 9 Months ~ May 2008


A collection of inspiring video clips in the news ~



Other Interesting Tid Bits

Study Finds Almost Half of Autistic Teens Are Bullied ~A new study finds that nearly half of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are victims of bullying. A sample of 920 parents revealed that approximately 46 percent of teens with ASD were bullied, according to a report published online by the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. ~Sept 4, 2012

Alert Card for Autism is Launched (in England) 2007~ An alert card to help

emergency services identify when they are dealing with someone with an autism-related condition. ~ BBC News | Evidence lacking for special diets in autism 2010~ An expert panel

   says there's no rigorous evidence that digestive problems are more common

    in children with autism compared to other children, or that special diets

    work, contrary to claims by celebrities and vaccine naysayers.

Autism Linked to Parents with High Level of Education ~2005 UK Telegraph News

Missing Link Between Madness and Genius ~ June 2005-UK Telegraph News



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