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Northwest Territories

Please note: This is not an exhaustive list of resources, and we will continue to add more as they become known to us.


Legal Help

Understanding Consent and Capacity Rules in Canada-Toolkit~ What if someone is found to be incapable of making a specific decision? When a person is unable to make a decision on their own, they may require an accommodation or support in order to exercise their legal capacity, such as technological assistance, a translator, or a support person to interpret their signs, gestures or verbal cues. A person could also appoint someone to make decisions on their behalf, or to support them in making their decisions. This depends on the province or territory where they live and the person’s ability to appoint someone.  Each province or territory has its own decision-making model, such as substitute decision-making, supported decision-making, representation, and more (these models are reviewed in more detail below).



Canada Benefits ~This is the Canadian Government website for disability.   

Click on the province that you want, then on a the "I am..." a person with a disability, then click on the disability connection.

     Disability Weblinks ~ Links you to information about programs, service and contacts anywhere in Canada.




Student Financial Assistance (SFA) Post Seecondary



LEARNING SUPPORT FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES FUND (LSPD) – this fund seems to have been set up for students who do not qualify for other sources of support


Northwest Territories Education, Culture and Employment ~ Early Childhood


Northwest Territories Education, Culture and Employment ~ K to 12

Student Support

Ministry of Education ~ A site created by the University of Toronto to link you to any school board in any province


Northwest Territories Education, Culture and Employment Establishment Policy ~ The mandate of the Minister and the Department of Education,

Culture and Employment is to provide residents of the Northwest

Territories with access to quality programs, services and supports to assist

them in making informed and productive choices for themselves and their

families with regard to education, training, careers, employment,child

development, languages,culture and heritage. The Minister and Department

are also responsible for assisting individuals to meet their basic financial needs.

Governement of Northwest Territories

     Northwest Territories;Education;Financial Assistance: Aboriginal ~This

     section contains links to territorial sources of financial assistance as well as

    guides and lists of bursaries for Aboriginal people.


     Yellowknife Health and Social Services Authority ~ Yellowknife Health and

     Social Services Authority (YHSSA) provides a full range of Health and

     Social services to the communities. Also provides speech-language


     Learning Disabilities Association of the NWT ~ The Learning Disabilities

    Association of the Northwest Territories (LDA-NWT), then known as The

    Northwest Territories Association for Children (and Adults) with Learning

    Disabilities, was incorporated as a registered NWT society in September

    1981. Immediately, it began offering information and support for parents of

    pre-school children in Yellowknife. This resulted in a small parent-directed

    home schooling project which, five years later, became a separate

    organization called The Learning Centre.


Provincial Service Dog Laws

Human Rights Act




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