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ABA and IBI Information


Ontario ABA and IBI Information

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Ministry of Children and Youth Services-Guidelines Bridging Children from Intensive Behavioural Intervention Services to the New Ontario Autism Program~ Replaces “Guidelines: Transitioning Children from Intensive Behavioural Intervention Services,Autism Intervention Program”, June 2016.As the Minister of Children and Youth Services communicated on June 29, 2016, during the transition to the new Ontario Autism Program (OAP), children who are five years and older who are currently receiving Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) services will not be removed from services. These children will continue with their current service plans until their next regular clinical progress assessments. At that time, the Autism Intervention Program (AIP) clinician will work with the child’s family and, if the child is receiving services through the Direct Funding Option, in collaboration with the supervising psychologist of the private program to develop an individualized service plan that will bridge the child to the new Ontario Autism Program beginning in June 2017. The intensity of services will not be based on age or on any predetermined level. The intensity of services will be based on the child’s individual needs. The individualized service plan will provide the framework for each child’s successful transition into the new OAP.

Ontario Providing More Supports For Children With Autism~ New Program to Start One Year Earlier~ June 28, 2016~ Ontario is providing more support for children and youth with autism, including an accelerated implementation of the new Ontario Autism Program. The new program will provide all children, regardless of age, with more flexible services at a level of intensity that meets each child's individual needs, significantly reduce wait times for service, and increase the number of treatment spaces available to serve more children and accommodate the rising prevalence in autism diagnoses.

Strengthening the Ontario Autism Program~June 28,2016~ The 2016 Ontario Budget committed $333 milion over 5 years for Ontario`s new autism program.This is in addition to the $190 million that Ontario already invests in autism services for children and youth annually. Today, Ontario is announcing an additional $200 million investment over the next four years for additional supports for children and youth with autism. 1)Implementing the Ontario Autism Program sooner-The implementation of the new Ontario Autism Program will now begin in June 2017, a full year ahead of the initially planned date of June 2018.

Ontario Autism Program~ Children five years old and older will be transitioned from the IBI waitlist and supported with one-time funding during the transition phase. The funding can be used to purchase eligible community services and supports during the transition to the more flexible and intensive autism program that better meets their needs.

Ontario Investing $333 Million to Improve Autism Services~March 29,2016 New Autism Program to Reduce Waitlists and Provide Better Services for Families...... As part of the 2016 Budget, Ontario is investing $333 million over the next five years to launch the new Ontario Autism Program, which will provide children and youth with critical interventions faster, and provide services that are better matched to their needs.

Benchmarks Panel Meeting Summary, June 2008 (written by a group of parents who attended the meeting)

Making a Difference for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Ontario Schools (Report of the Ministers Autism Spectrum Disorder Group, 2007)

Ontario Ministry of Education: PPM 140 - Incoporating Methods of Applied Behaviour Analysis into Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (May 2007)

225 Spaces Being Created in January 2007


Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services ~ What is Intensive Behavioural Intervention ~ What is Involved? Who is eligible for IBI?

          Hours? What role do parents play?

Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services Guidelines for IBI therapy

~ a document that details Intensive Behavioural Intervention in



IBI/ABA Certificate

Autism and Behavioural Science Certificate- Seneca College~ The Autism and Behavioural Science Ontario Graduate Certificate program is designed for students who have completed a recognized ... to apply, evaluate and modify the principles and procedures of ABA/IBI in working with children with ASD. ... Employment opportunities may be more abundant in northern or rural areas.

Autism Behavioural Science Graduate Certificate | Online~Ontario College Graduate Certificate ... To be eligible for this certificate you must have, as a minimum, an 2 year Ontario community ... limited to, modifying program availability, program length, campus locations, or curriculum

Autism and Behavioural Science (Full-time Online) | Centre ...~This Ontario College Graduate Certificate program. ... Interested in working as an instructor therapist in an Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) program? ... Graduates may find employment as instructor-therapists with public-sector

Autism Behavioural Science Graduate Certificate | Online ...~Mohawk Colledge--Continuing Education & Online Learning To be eligible for this certificate you must have, as a minimum, an 2 year Ontario community college diploma or a university degree

Online Applied Behaviour Analysis Certificate Course for Educators~ Online Applied Behaviour Analysis Certificate Course for Educators. Online Applied ... Principles of ABA for Teaching and Intervention – Online.

Training Services - Geneva Centre for Autism~Take yourself to the next level with Geneva Centre for Autism's certification ... ABA, Principles of ABA for Teaching and Intervention This certificate training



Autism Employment Opportunities~ Depending on the severity of their disorder, they often have difficulty forming ... IBI is provided throughout Ontario by nine designated providers. ... families, you need a community college diploma or university degree in a related field.

IBI Service Providers inOntario~ In Ontario, publicly funded Intensive

          Behaviour Intervention (IBI) services are made available for children

          with autism through the Pre-School Autism Services. In addition to

          IBI, this program delivers a range of services that include child and

          family supports and transitional support services. The province has

          identified agencies to act as lead providers for the 9 regions, namely:

Chedoke Child and Family Centre (Hamilton/Niagara)

Erinoak (Central West)

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Eastern)

Surrey Place Centre (Toronto)

Algonquin Child and Family Services (North East)also know as Developmental Services Ontario

Child Care Resources (Northern)

Pathways for Children and Youth (South East)
Thames Valley Children’s Centre (South West)

Kinark Child and Family Services (Central East)

The regions follow the Autism Intervention Program Guideline Revision developed by the Ministry of Children and Youth Services in the delivery of the program. For any clarifications about the guidelines and information on eligibility, please contact your regional office or your lead provider listed right above

To get an overview of the service process, please click on the flowchart. Once deemed eligible for the program and an opening becomes available, families have two options:

  • Access IBI service directly from the Regional Program
  • Choose Direct Funding Option (DFO)

Ontario Association of Behaviour Analysis ~ ONTABA, the Ontario    Association for Behaviour Analysis, is an Affiliate Chapter of the

          Association for Behaviour Analysis International. ONTABA currently

          has members from professions such as education, nursing, health

          care and psychology. Their vision is fostering a culture of excellence,

          integrity, and expertise for the advancement and promotion of the              science of behaviour analysis.

Autism Intervention Program Eastern Ontario, at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario ( CHEO)~The Autism Program of Eastern Ontario is a program of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) funded through the Ministry of Child and Youth Services (MCYS). It consists of three sections:


Autism Intervention Program ~ McMaster Children's Hospital ~ Hamilton-Niagara Regional Autism Intervention Program ~

           organizational chart of the Autism Intervention Program

ABA Educational Services and ABA Autism Services Niagara


FOCA (Friends of Children with Autism) ~ Facts about Autism in Ontario

          ~ This site talks about the rising numbers in Autism. ABA and IBI with

          the government and the monies and the number of families that this

          could have helped.


ABA Educational Resources ~ This site is devoted to providing ABA

           resource materials to children involved in an ABA program.

Funding for ABA Services


Respite ~ Search for your area, and you will be provided a

            list of options for support through ACSD (Assistance for Children

            with Severe Disabilities), or SSAH (Special Services at Home), or

            Passport Funding, or ER (Enhanced Respite Funding).


ABA Service Providers

ABA4 Autism

ACIS~ Autism Children`s Intervention Services

Autism Centre of Canada

Beecroft Learning Centre~ 250 Beecroft Road Toronto, Ontario M2N 6W3 Tel(416) 782-4816 Fax(416) 782-9983

Behaviour Institute

Beyond the Door

Beyond the Door Behaviour Associates

Exceptional Learning Centre

Four Points, Inc.

Missing Links

Shining Through Centre

Sky Is The Limit

Thames Valley Children's Centre

The Children`s Treatment & Learning & Centre

The Joy of Learning Centre




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