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Teaching Strategies


Strategies for at School


Setting Up Your Autism Classroom - from National Learning Concepts

Autism and Special Needs Tools that teach you to succeed. The private area of our site contains free downloads, resources, videos, articles, interviews and more. And it's all FREE.Simply login or register (FREE as well) to take advantage of these resources

Special Needs Opportunity Window (SNOW Project) - online resources and professional development opportunities for teachers and parents also another website of this


Planning Support for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Pulling it all

Together - strategies demonstrated have been outlined as beneficial  by teachers


Differentiated Instruction Worksheet ~ In any classroom, students will have

a range of abilities, needs and interests. Differentiated instruction is any

instructional strategy that recognizes and supports individual differences in learning. Differentiated instruction maximizes learning by considering students individual and cultural learning styles,recognizing that some students will require adjusted expectations,and offering different ways for students to explore curriculum and demonstrate learning (as well as accepting that these different methods are of equal value). With differentiated instruction, the teacher aims to create learning situations that match students current abilities and preferred learning styles while stretching their abilities and encouraging them to try new ways of learning. Planning for differentiated instruction involves


Parent Tips for Working with Teachers


Autism and School Based Programming ~ Strategies for Meeting the Needs

of Low Functioning Autistic Children ~ This site has been developed to  provide assistants, teachers and special needs administrators with information pertaining to establishing developmentally appropriate programming for students diagnosed with Autism or low-functioning Pervasive Development Disorder.


Strategies for at Home


Tinkle Toonz Musical Potty ~ Toilet Training Autistic and other Special Needs

Children Tinkle Toonz is a musical potty that plays a tune when your child goes in the potty. The moisture-activated sensor in the bottom of the bowl

plays "It's A Small World After All", a long-time children's favorite.


Instructional Tools that can be Ordered


Touch Point Math ~ You can use the TouchMath program to give young   

children a head start, supplement a grade-level curriculum (pre Kto 3),

provide enrichment activities, reinforcement, and achieve the best possible

outcomes for students with special needs. Touch Math is an intuitive  

process, designed by and for young learners.

The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding ~(Carol Gray) A Social Story describes a situation, skill, or concept in terms of relevant social cues, perspectives, and common responses in a specifically defined style and format.The goal of a Social Story is to share accurate social information in a patient and reassuring manner that is easily understood by its audience. Half of all Social Stories developed should affirm something that an individual does well. Although the goal of a Story should never be to change the individual’s behavior, that individual’s improved understanding of events and expectations may lead to more effective responses.

Communication Crossroads-The SCERTS Model-(Created by Carol Gray)~SCERTS( Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Support) is an innovative educational model for working with children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families. It provides specific guidelines for helping a child become a competent and confident social communicator, while preventing problem behaviors that interfere with learning and the development of relationships. It also is designed to help families, educators and therapists work cooperatively as a team, in a carefully coordinated manner, to maximize progress in supporting a child.

Early Learning Site ~ flashcards on CD Rom. Whatever your teaching method, our software is a very rich and valuable resource. Children

with speech difficulties and conditions such as Autism, PDD and Down

Syndrome all need help and they can all be helped. The keyword in early

learning is "early" - a child is never too young to teach. The young mind

has startling capabilities of memory and learning.


Picture Exchange Communication System~PECS is a unique alternative/augmentative communication system.The PECS teaching protocol is based on B.F. Skinner’s book, Verbal Behavior, and broad spectrum applied behaviour analysis. Specific prompting and reinforcement strategies that will lead to independent communication are used throughout the protocol.


Baby Bumblebee ~ video that promotes language building for children who are non-verbal


Learning Upgrade Store ~ Teach Children with Autism to Read, with the

Sound it Our Land Reading Program


PlaySteps ~ building skills for special children


Use Visual ~ Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and lots of other students with behavior or communication challenges tend to be visual learners. They understand what they see better than what they hear. Therefore, they benefit significantly from the use of Visual Strategies.


Monarch Instructional Materials ~ videos & CD-roms proven to be effective when incorporated in ABA, Discrete Trial, and educational programs by consultants, therapists, educators, and parents to facilitate the learning and mastery of these skills.


Microcomputer Science Centre Inc. ~ A company with over 24 years experience in Special Needs. We hold a nationwide network of contacts in the Special Needs field. Staff complements include individuals with Special Needs such as Low Vision, Learning Disabilities and Blindness. These individuals specialize in servicing needs through first hand knowledge of their particular community. We carry extensive product offerings for Special Needs individuals including those with multiple disabilities and undergoing rehabilitation. A Nationwide distributor of Kurzweil 3000, a program dedicated to 'bring the printed word to life'TM for those with Special Needs.


Autism Pro ~ AutismPro is a powerful online tool that designs an individualized educational program. The tool’s innovative technology provides training and precise treatment recommendations from the broad range of evidence-based teaching methods in autism. AutismPro matches your goals and the child’s exact needs with thousands of intervention ideas and activities to create a dynamic educational program.


Reading Units ~ This site has excellent books and questions that you can use for your children for school. Great resources for EA`s. Other resources are available here.



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